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web-MA_Sumac-7192Staghorn Sumac with fall aster

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My passion is art and nature – I am very fortunate as I have always known what I should do with my life.  The desire to create is almost an obsession – I want to make images that reflect my vision of how I see the world. Being a photographer, especially one who focuses on the travel industry takes me to many places. My working in Switzerland was the beginning where my photography teacher and mentor Emile Hasler set the foundation which I carry today. I am a bit of a nomad ; traveling to some wild out of the way places accessible by ship or plane.  The most notable are the polar regions of the planet. My father planted the seed, i did not know it at the time but he sent me to Baffin Island for a summer with a one way ticket when I was 15. He told me I had to make enough money to get home! I did!
My work hangs in businesses and homes in Australia, England, Europe as well as North America. I have been published in Cathay Pacific, Japan Air in-flight magazines as well as Canadian Geographic. Closer to home – I shoot for Ontario Tourism, Ontario Parks as well as Parks Canada.

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Stock Images


webStimpson_flyfishingFly fishing on the Grand River, Ontario, Canada


Are you planning an ad campaign, brochure, pamphlet, book or need images for a presentation and want them to be geographic specific – check out my portfolio section for subject matter or email me with your requests.

Subjects: Penguins; Antarctic landscape, Icebergs, Mayan Ruins, Arctic landscapes, Greenland, outdoor activities, abstracts, Canadian Landscapes, Boreal forest

webArctic_LancasterSound_PolarBear_5917                                 Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus), Lancaster Sound, Nunavut, Canada