I speak regularly to many different audiences about my photography, places I have been and people I meet. Here is a list of my current talks.

What people are saying:

You are an excellent speaker, animated, very natural/relaxed/not reading notes, humourous, good story teller.. AND your photos are outstanding in content and quality,style!! J. Hunt – Probus

Your presentation got RAVE  reviews from everyone!! I really enjoyed your images & the related snippets of info!! S Tembe, Whitby

Rob, my man — what a terrific presentation you gave last night — thoroughly engaging on all counts, the perfect blend of sass and sacred. THANK YOU! J Grant, Sarasota, Fl

Please note all programs can be shortened or lengthened to fit your needs. Call or Txt for pricing 705.787.8339



FOLLOWING THE GROUP OF SEVEN ROUTE (NEW) Join me as I take you on a journey of the many locations the renowned Group of Seven painted. Algoma has created the “Group of Seven Route”,a driving tour that explores this iconic landscape. We start in Algonquin Prov Park, then follow the Group’s migration to Algoma. I will touch on First Nation’s artists, women in Canadian art and some of the other locations the GO7 painted, places such as Baffin Island and Northwest Territories. 1.5 hr in length

THROUGH MY LENS – MY INTERPRETATION (NEW) Join me for a look at the work I do, both professional as well as my personal projects. I am always looking or seeing what can be created, it never stops with me. Obsessive, maybe, but the passion to create is fuelled by some of these behavioural traits. 1 hr in length

RAMBLES AND MUSINGS UNDER THE SPELL OF ONTARIO PARKS (NEW) From Algonquin to Woodland Caribou, Polar Bear Prov Park and beyond, my travels through Ontario’s amazing provincial parks. Images, stories and places that I like to hike, paddle and photograph in the various parks are the order of the day. 1 hr in length

ANTARCTICA – THE LAST GREAT WILDERNESS I have been going to Antarctica for the past 12 years, crossed the Drake Passage over 40 times, survived hurricanes—crazy weather, fur seals but this landscape is incredible. Through my images and stories — see what a unique and special place Antarctica is. 1 hr

CHASING ERNIE In November 2014 I had the privilege of being part of the Centenary voyage of Ernest Shackleton’s ill fated 1914 Trans Antarctic journey. I worked as the expedition photographer on the ship, the Sergei Vavilov. Join me as I take you on that journey – telling the story through my images, the descendants accounts – a story that still today is a marvel of the human spirit and endurance. 90 min in length

THE MAGIC OF THE WINTER FOREST (NEW) (Both Narrative, experiential and instructional) Join me for an hour of stories and images about the magic of the winter forest.  Why getting outdoors in winter is so important to our well being. It is all about taking the time to re connect with the natural world. It can be on snowshoes, cross country skis or just going for a walk, there is a joy in getting out. This can be made into a outdoor workshop.

2.8 AND BEYOND A look at my life as a professional photographer – the places, the images, the people, the landscapes that have all helped to shape my life. From penguins to moose and Force 11 storms in the Drake Passage, the material that goes along with the “job”. 1 hr in length

THE ARTISTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS GUIDE TO WILD ONTARIO This is taken from the book of the same name, published by Firefly Book, co-authored by myself and Craig Thompson. A look at the many places in Ontario to set up your tripod or easel. 1 hr in length


THE CHALLENGES (AND REWARDS) OF TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY A light hearted look as well as some technical aspects of the challenges of travel photography. From travelling in polar climates as well as Europe, North America, Central and South America – lots of tips and images that can help you with your next adventure. 1 hr in length

CREATIVE IMAGES Putting the WOW into your photography – a technical presentation looking at how to get the most out of your camera – technical tips, composition and learning how to see. Aimed at the beginner and intermediate photographer. This presentation can be a full day workshop or a 1 hour talk.

CREATING MONOCHROME IMAGERY A look at the how’s, why’s and techniques to creating monochrome images. From understanding colour, the zone system, the basics to start you in creating these types of images

THE LANDSCAPE – CREATING THE NARRATIVE The 21st Century has taken our attention span down to 3 seconds, so first glances can be deceptive. We need to look to how a photograph is crafted which can have a significant impact on how we interpret it. An image needs to engage the viewer in a meaningful way. It needs to create dynamic elements in a photograph to draw and provoke the viewer’s eyes, this is what prompts the viewer to spend a more attention trying to understand or at least look at an image longer. 1.5 hr in length

SEEING BEYOND SEEING Looking at the sunrise or any spectacular image in all its glory, we are captivated by the colours and play of light on the landscape. In this talk we go beyond the ordinary or to capture images that are different from the norm. Why?  What is the point? The idea behind seeing beyond seeing is to develop your own style, although there are some rules to photographing this way, we look at ideas that can help you think about capturing images in a unique way.

THE LANDSCAPE LOOKING DOWN Let me take you on an image filled hour of my exploits with aerial imagery & videos of our landscapes. My talk on how the drone has become another artistic tool in my photography services. Through the use of video and stills, the possibilities are endless.