Photo Workshops,Talks & Exhibitions 2019


What People are Saying

Rob Stimpson loves to teach. As wonderful he is at photography, he excells at sharing that knowledge. It never really matters where you are in your photo level, he will ensure that you come away with something new after his workshop. Do yourself a favour, sign up for one. You won’t be sorry!  L. Ryerson


1 day Workshops 2019

My format   – What will I learn is the most asked question? First – we will look at “seeing” photographically, the ability to recognize a composition and how to capture it. And all those f-stops and shutter speeds – different combinations create different effects, we will explore those combinations put into practice on the Saturday. We will also look at potential compositions from an artistic perspective rather than just documenting your subjects – how lens selection can change the dynamics of your images. If time permits – we will explore how flash and reflectors can add power to your images. This is also a chance to bounce ideas off others, compare notes and just do some shooting without the day-to-day distractions of life – this day belongs to you.

Custom Workshops

Looking for a workshop that focuses on your needs – don’t like crowds – want individual attention – work in an environment at your pace – then drop me a line. I can provide you with a custom workshop that works for you. I cover all the bases – starting with pre-visualization excercises, to image capture and post processing all from the comfort of my studio on Lake of Bays. We shoot in one of the Canada’s largest provincial parks, Algonquin – 20 minutes from my studio – let me know. Prices upon request

Algonquin One-Day Fall Foliage Workshop 2018

Date: Sat, Sept 29th, 2018 8:00 – 3:30
Cost: $125.00 + HST
Location: Dwight, ON

Call 1.705.787-8339 to register

Talks & Exhibitions 2017 – 18



Orangeville Theatre Orangeville 2 pm Sunday Oct 1 – Arctic and its Art

Latow Photographers Guild – 7 pm Tuesday Oct 3rd – Wild Ontario – 2.8 and Beyond

Barrie Camera Club, Barrie 7 pm January 25th – North of 50 – Travels in the Sub-Arctic and Arctic Regions

Haliburton Speaking Series, Haliburton Village  7 pm Wed June 13th – Wild Ontario



Algonquin Moose Photo Adventure 2019

Date: June 7th-9th 
Cost: $825.00 – includes food, accommodation and guides
Location: Voyageur Quest Lodge, South River, ON

To book, please call Voyageur Quest (416) 486-3605 or visit

Paddle Algonquin’s northwest corner is search of Moose. Wake up with the sun, canoe through the mist and enjoy magical mornings photographing Algonquin’s famed wildlife. From landscapes to the majestic moose, the photography is outstanding. There is no shortage of moose – in the 2 workshops in 2014 – 32 moose were spotted.

This trip will appeal to those who want wildlife photography in a totally natural setting. This 2 night adventure (there is an option for a 2nd night in the backcountry) features both camping and lodge accommodation – Group size is limited to 8 photographers.


Travel Writing & Photography 2018 (Still spots available)

In Association with the Haliburton School of the Arts

Date: July 2nd – 6th, 2018                                                                            
Cost: $325.00

Location: Haliburton campus – Haliburton village
To book, please call 1-866-353-6464Our travels and journeys take us to places we never may visit again. On these trips we all want to document where we have been and for the most part capture a sense of place. The camera becomes our voice through our visual interpretation of the landscape. In this course you will learn how to create an effective photo essay that becomes your own personal interpretation of the places you visit. Good photographs are made not just taken – you will learn how to create an image not just take a picture. Through the use of simple techniques, you will learn to take an effective portrait of people in the outdoors, how to enhance your landscape images, add emotion to your pictures and how to get the most out of the tools you have. We will spend time wandering through the village of Haliburton and surrounding areas looking for places of interest where we can set our camera’s up to create your visual interpretation of the landscape. Through assignments, critiques of your work and slideshows, you will learn what it takes to be a more effective photographer. …


The Big Landscape 2018

Location: Haliburton School of the Arts
Date: July 9th – 13th, 2018
Cost: $325.00

To book, please call 1-866-353-6464
Please note: A basic understanding of a digital camera utilizing its manual functions is required. A good working knowledge of computer operation is compulsory along with either Photoshop or Lightroom. This course is not for beginners.

The landscapes of Halliburton County are varied and diverse. From vistas overlooking unbroken forest, to the wealth of lakes and rivers, this course will explore photographic techniques utilizing these landscape for inspiration. Good photographs are made, not just taken. They are created. Learn how to create a landscape image, more than just pressing the shutter. Using 3 techniques; pre-visualization, image capture and post processing to recognize an existing composition then to capture it effectively. Instruction will address camera functions, combined functions,and lens selection to capture what you are seeing. We will then use photo imaging software to go to the next level in the creation of the image shot. The differences between and suitability of documenting or interpreting an a photograph will be discussed.  Instruction will include assignments, image sharing, and constructive critiques.


The Fall Equinox In Killarney 2018


Photograph the Change in Seasons in Killarney

Date: September 20th -23rd
Cost: $1500 – includes all meals from Thurs dinner to Sunday lunch, boat ride to Philip Edward Island, accommodation, instruction, taxes and gratuities

Location: Killarney, ON

To book, please call 1-800-461-1117

This one of my most popular workshops – combines the comfort of an established Ontario resort, Killarney Mountain Lodge and the magnificence of Killarney. This three-day workshop allows you to explore Killarney Village and renowned Killarney Provincial Park on early morning and late afternoon shooting expeditions. This workshop offers a small class and professional instruction in a friendly and relaxed setting. Focusing on learning by doing is the style of teaching – this helps you experiment with new techniques and create images that capture a sense of place. Our program is designed to maximize the early morning and late afternoon/early evening light. I am hoping the Lodge will take us by boat down to the Foxe Islands on one of our days to photograph the magnificence of the outcroppings of rock that form the thousands of islands.